Dance Movement Psychotherapy

What is DMP?
Types of therapy / Where?
Who am I?

What is DMP?

“Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) recognises body movement as an implicit and expressive instrument of communication and expression. DMP is a relational process in which client/s and therapist engage creatively using body movement and dance to assist integration of emotional, cognitive, physical, social and spiritual aspects of self. The philosophical orientation of DMP is based on the intrinsic belief in the inter-relationship between psyche, soma and spirit as evidenced in the potential held in creative processes” (ADMP UK – The Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy UK)

Dance Movement Psychotherapy


  • Increasing self-confidence, self-expression, self-awareness, self-esteem and personal authonomy.
  • Recognizing inner resourses, personal qualities and skills.
  • Developing tools with which to express or manage overwhelming feelings/thoughts.
  • Improving social and communicational skills.
  • Testing the impact of self on others in a safe and contained environment.
  • Physical, emotional and cognitive improvement.
  • Balancing all levels of self: body – mind – spirit.
  • Experiencing links between actions, feelings and thoughts.
  • People of all ages can benefit, no matter language or difficulties in verbal expressions.
  • People with (DMP as INTERVENTION/TREATMENT) or without any diagnosis (DMP as PREVENTION and PERSONAL GROWTH) are welcome and will benefit from non-verbal expression and therapeutic relationship.
Benefits of Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Types of therapy / Where?


  • Ljubljana: WOMEN’S OASIS = small therapeutic movement group. Starts again in September.
  • Ljubljana-Tivoli: THERAPEUTIC WALK – Thrusdays, 17:30-18:30, Park Tivoli – gathering place is in front of a Glasshouse – Botanical gardens –> free of charge! Summer dates: 20.6., 27.6., 4.7., 11.7., 18.7., 22.8., 29.8.
  • Ljubljana: SUPPORTIVE GROUP FOR PARENTS WITH A CHILD WITH SPECIAL NEEDS, DMP FOR YOUTH, DMP FOR MEN) – groups will start when there will be enough interest (at least 4 participants)
  • Other locations around Slovenia (contact me and we will discuss options)


  • Ljubljana-Bežigrad/Rakovnik,
  • Logatec,
  • Other loaction around Slovenia (contact me to and we will find the best solution)
Types of Dance Movement Psychotherapy

Who am I?

I am Sara Idzig, empathic, dynamic and proffessional dance-movement psychotherapist working in a private practice in Slovenia.

I have graduated from MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy course at Derby University and moved back to Slovenia in order to spread my knowledge and experiences within a country where DMP is not yet developed.

All my teoretical and practical skills are in constant professional development. To maintain quality and good results at my work I attend regular supervision, professional trainings and personal psychotherapy. Also, as a professional member of ADMP UK I follow their codex of practice when working with my clients.

If you would like to know more about me or you have additional questions regarding DMP, please do not hesitate to _ _ _ _ _ _ _ me 🙂

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